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Our company is offering a fraud-proof payment solution for online businesses

Prudent Pig focuses on fraud prevention in online sales
We are offering a reliable payment solution for online businesses which aim to keep their chargeback and fraud rates low.
With solution so sophisticated, we can make our merchants a special offer... An account with no rolling reserve.
An account with
no rolling reserve

With us, there is virtually no payout delay. Getting your money to your account will only take the time necessary for processing.

Setting up a merchant account is free, there are no regular service fees or other hidden charges. You can safely plan your business activities, knowing how much money you have and when it's going to reach you.

Technical integration with our service is easy, straightforward and well-documented. Our tech team will guide through the entire process to have everything running smoothly in no time.

We offer both one-time and recurring payments, helping to ensure steady flow to your account.

Our experienced team is ready to provide support and assistance in resolving any possible issues.

Company number: 13030110