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Data security

Prudent Pig is committed to ensuring that your personal data is secure. In order to protect your personal data held by us and/or our third party service providers, we use industry-standard physical, procedural and electronic security measures. Our security controls are designed to maintain an adequate level of confidentiality, integrity and data availability and are regularly reviewed to protect your data against unauthorized access, destruction, loss, alteration, access, disclosure or use.

We follow the payments industry standards regarding the protection of payment card information. Our business is regularly audited to maintain the highest level of security certification with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) in respect of protecting card data.

Despite the security measures mentioned above, we want you to know that technology and the internet are not always perfectly secure mediums and there will always be the chance that your personal data could potentially be subject to unauthorized acts by malicious third parties. Although we take reasonable steps and employ appropriate security measures to safeguard your personal data, we cannot and do not guarantee the absolute protection and security of any personal data stored with us or with any third parties as described in this Privacy Notice.

Company number: 13030110