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Prudent Pig offers multiple payment methods within a single platform, allowing both one-time and recurring payments.

We offer access to our payment gateway via a hosted payment page - a method ensuring maximum security for customers with minimum integration needed on your side. Once approved and integrated, our merchants gain access to all the payment methods we have to offer, without the need to apply for and connect each method (e.g. VISA, Mastercard) separately.

Employing card-on-file technology provides access to recurring payments, which can be easily managed through an API or Merchant Platform.

A unique fraud-prevention system allows our payment gateway to identify and filter fraudulent transactions and keep risk low.

Keeping track of transactions is easy via our Merchant Platform. Our merchants also get access to detailed and clear financial information and risk assessment for their account.

We pay out your funds without any maturity period, the only settlement delay is the time needed to process your payout.

Approval and onboarding are straightforward and require only little paperwork. Your dedicated support agent will be guiding you through the entire process.

We don't charge any setup fees, regular service fees or hidden commissions. Setting up a merchant account is completely free.

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Company number: 13030110